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Considering Remodeling your Home

Are you considering remodeling your home but unsure if it’s the right decision? Here are three compelling reasons to take the leap:

  1. Improve the Value: Investing in remodeling projects can significantly increase the value of your home, making it a wise financial decision in the long run.
  2. Prepare for Sale: If you’re planning to put your home on the market, remodeling can enhance its appeal to potential buyers, leading to a quicker sale and potentially higher offers.
  3. Enhance Your Living Space: Beyond financial gains, remodeling allows you to create a space that better suits your lifestyle and needs, improving your overall quality of life.

Aereas with the biggest Potential for Investment

When it comes to remodeling, certain areas of your home offer the greatest potential for return on investment. Consider focusing your efforts on:

Exterior Enhancements

Transform the outdoor areas of your home to create a lasting impression and elevate its overall appeal. This includes enhancing facades, landscaping, terraces, courtyards, pool areas, and other exterior spaces."


As the heart of the home, investing in a kitchen remodel can yield significant returns and enhance functionality


Upgrading bathrooms not only adds value but also improves comfort and convenience for you and your family.


At Spacios Group Inc, we offer comprehensive remodeling services tailored to your needs. Our process is divided into three phases:

Design Customization

Once the initial plans are in place, we present you with design options, allowing you to choose the materials, finishes, and hardware that best suit your preferences.

Space Planning

We start by understanding your vision and budget, creating detailed plans to optimize your space for both aesthetics and functionality.


 With your design selections finalized, our expert team brings your vision to life, handling all aspects of the construction process with precision and care.

With Spacios Group Inc, you can trust that all phases of your remodeling project will be seamlessly coordinated under one roof.

Our Process

Meet with the client to discuss their needs, desires, and budget. Take notes and gather information about the space.

Based on the initial consultation, create a design proposal including drawings and renderings to visualize the proposed changes. This will help the client understand the potential outcome.

Present the design proposal to the client for feedback. Make any necessary revisions based on their input until the design meets their expectations.

Once the design is finalized, obtain approval from the client before proceeding to the next phase.

Prepare a detailed estimate based on the final design, including all materials, labor, and other costs associated with the project.

Present the estimate to the client along with a contract outlining the scope of work, timeline, and payment terms. Once the client approves the contract, work can begin.

Oversee the construction process, coordinating with subcontractors, managing the timeline, and ensuring that the project stays on budget and on schedule.

Provide regular updates to the client on the progress of the project, including any changes or challenges that arise.

Conduct a final walkthrough with the client to ensure their satisfaction with the completed project.

After the project is complete, follow up with the client to address any remaining concerns and ensure their ongoing satisfaction.   

As a dedicated architect and Certified Builder Contractor, I specialize in providing comprehensive remodeling services for homes in Florida. With expertise in leading residential and commercial projects, I manage three crucial phases: Space Planning, Design Customization and Construction

From conceptualization to completion, I am committed to delivering exceptional results that transform your home according to your desires.”



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